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    Precautionary Principles and Pollution Prevention

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    In regards to Precautionary Principle should we rely more on the use of the precautionary principle to implement pollution prevention as a way to reduce the potential risks from chemicals and technologies? Why or Why not?

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    The precautionary principle
    Most public health decisions tend to involve a balance of evidence approach, rather than an innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent approach (WHO, 2004). Additionally, the precautionary principle and the concepts of precaution and prevention have always been at the heart of public health practice. Public health has inherently been there to identify, avoid and prevent health risks to the population, as well as to identify and implement effective and positive interventions to improve the health of the population (WHO, 2004).

    Traditional public health interventions, however, have generally focused upon reducing and eliminating such hazards that have already been identified. In contrast, the precautionary principle states that action ...

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    The solution discusses the precautionary principles and pollution prevention.