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    Riordan Manufacturing

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    Riordan Manufacturing currently has facilities in Hangzhou, China and they are looking to expand their presence in China. Please see the attachment for information concerning Riordan Manufacturing Company.

    Write a brief analysis of the regulatory measures, concerns and explain how Riordan Manufacturing may ensure they are compliant with the following:

    * Patents, trademarks, and intellectual property
    * Environmental regulations

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    Patents, trademarks, and intellectual property

    Currently, Riordan has a facility in China that makes plastic fan parts, however, since Riordan plans to expand its operations it must comply with the legal provision of the patents, trademarks, and intellectual property regulations of China. First, Riordan must register its trademark under the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China. Under the Paris Convention, the Provisional Regulations Governing Application for Priority Registration of Trademarks in China will entitle Riordan to priority registration of its trademarks. In addition, Riordan must comply with the Patent of the PRC and the Regulations of the Patent Law of the PRC. The regulations have 96 provisions, Riordan must comply with each of these. Since, patent registration is compulsory in China, Riordan should register all its patents at the earliest. To comply with intellectual property rights in China, Riordan must comply with Articles 94-97 of the General Principles ...

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