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Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.

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I need assistance with a powerpoint with speaker notes and cited references on Riordan Manufacturer. The first attachment is the actual assignment and the 2nd attachment is the detailed requirements. Please let me know if more details is required.


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Below are some tips and a good start however since the majority of this information is in the University of Phoenix library it is a little difficult to fill in all the gaps on your presentation. Below are some speaker cite notes you can add to your presentation. Hope this helps!

The Mission Statement (add slide to PowerPoint & cite notes)

Add this section to PowerPoint slide
* Focus: remain industry leader
* Customer Relationships: build long-term relationships
* Employees: innovation and team oriented
* Future: focus on reasonable profitability

Add to the cite notes

Riordan Manufacturing's mission is to remain as an industry leader in using polymer materials to provide solutions to their customer challenges and to continue to be the leader in identifying trends. The customer focus is to build long-term relationships through maintaining rigorous quality controls, innovative solutions, a responsive business attitude and reasonable pricing. Riordan vows to maintain an innovative and team oriented working environment by providing a climate focused on the long term viability of our company. The company will remain focused on producing a reasonable profitability for sustained growth (Apollo Group, 2013).

Riordan Manufacturing's Background

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Company Background
* Founded in 1991, by Dr. Riordan
* Revenues in excess of $1 billion
* Employs 550 people

Add to the cite notes

"Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer employing 550 people with projected annual earnings of $46 million. The company is wholly owned by Riordan ...

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This article provides information that can be used on a PowerPoint presentation mainly as supporting speaker cite notes. Riordan Manufacturing Inc. is a company that produces plastics and is in the process of updating their outdated systems.

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