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    Environmental Policy

    Environmental policy deals with the regulations and laws which are related to various environmental issues. These guidelines need to be adopted by organizational bodies and other stakeholders so that environmental protection can be ensured.

    Continuous research is directly linked with environmental policy. For example, the Montreal Protocol was established due to scientific discovery. In the 1970s chemists learned that chlorofluorocarbons caused the breakdown of ozone in the stratosphere and this led to the implementation of funding for further research. The knowledge of this discovery was important because it was subsequently realized that the use of these compounds likely had environmental implications. This all culminated in the development of the Montreal Protocol, an international agreement which bans the use of substances containing chlorofluorocarbons.

    In general, environmental policy deals with all issues related to sustainable development and maintaining the health of the globe's physical environment. For example, issues related to clean air, clean water, global warming, waste management and biodiversity are all subjects which are protected, at different levels, under various policies.  

    For different businesses, organizations and the society at large, environmental policies are crucial because they provide a framework for contributing to environmental improvements. Furthermore, the enforcement of environmental policies helps to navigate the actions of businesses so that they are environmentally sound.

    Now more than ever, it is imperative that resources are conserved, wildlife is preserved and the world’s physical environment is sheltered from further harm. Thus, it is through the implementation of environmental policies that these goals can be ultimately achieved. 



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