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    1990 Clean Air Act

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    What are the main features (not the Titles) of the 1990 Clean Air Act?

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    The Clean Air Act amendments (CAAA) of 1990 built upon the Clean Air Act of 1970 and Clean Air Act Amendments in 1977, and also added some new provisions. They sought to reduce air emissions by 57 billion pounds annually by the year 2005. Aimed primarily at urban air pollution, the amendments also required a phase-out of environmentally damaging chemicals over ten year phases. The amendments used innovative regulatory procedures, and are worth noting because the CAA is one of the most successful environmental regulations in history.

    Just as in the 1970 Act, certain pollutants are classified as "criteria" pollutants, meaning that the pose significant threats to human health. However, while only seven pollutants were so classed ...

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