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    Clean Air and Water Environmental Policymaking

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    You will identify relevant material consistent with the focus of the topic using scholarly journals and professional websites with authored material (not popular Internet sites).
    Your analysis of the selected topic must include the following:
    â?¢The scope and nature of the public policy problem
    â?¢The evolution of public policy
    â?¢Evaluation of policy, the actors involved
    â?¢The intergovernmental structure and political concerns
    â?¢The approaches to policy setting
    â?¢The suggested policy direction that is supported by research

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    Public Policy Issue: Clean Air & Water

    Scope of the Problem

    In the World Cities Summit of 2010 held this year in Singapore, clean air and water supply are listed to be among the most serious and pressing concerns of cities the world over. The scope of the issue seems broad essentially because of the socio-political dimensions of the issue. Governments and people the world over agree that this is a problem that needs solutions but because of other angles and concerns from politics, to finances, budget,cultural practices and identities, solutions are hard to agree upon much more enforce and abide. Without clean water and clean air,cities and towns will not be liveable. The bigger concern however is not just cities and towns but the overall impact of water and air pollution to ecological health - an imbalance can result to conditions where flora and fauna will be put at risk,or worse, lead to extinction of several species. Human activities cause air and water pollution but just as these industries cause pollution they also support economies providing livelihoods. Sustainability here then is the biggest concern. We need the industries that provide jobs, but we cannot sustain the long term effects of extensive air and water pollution to life on earth. We know that laws must be written and enforced, but human division on political issues drive barriers in negotiating a course of action beneficial to all despite our differences (i.e. consider the issue of implementing the Kyoto Protocol).

    Evolution of Public Policy & the Actors Involved

    The US as a nation has formulated its own rules in relation to management and use of the environment. This is called environmental policy of the United States and is meant to regulate activities that have direct and indirect impact to the environment. In the 60's and 70's, environmental debates and issues have become intense as disputes of fair use and the effects of pollution have become public concerns. Lobbying groups from manufacturing companies battled it out with environmental lobbyists and the likes of Greenpeace as an environmental non-profit movement began. This was also brought about by the counter-culture ...

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    The solution is an extensive 1,823-word narrative that explores the public issue and policies around the environmental concern of Clean Air and Water. The scope of the issue is explored, the evolution of the public policy on it is traced, the intergovernmental structures and agencies involved, the principles of policymaking as well as a suggested policy direction for the purpose of improving current practices and policies supported by research. A word version is included which contains a table containing the list of US agencies and their environmental responsibilities as well as the varied Senate and House committees in charge of environmental policymaking. References are listed for the purpose of further research. The narrative follows the APA format.