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    This addresses environmental problems at the UL&L Company.

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    Background Information:

    The Uniform and Linen Leasing Company (U&L) expansion plans include building a manufacturing facility in a small town in Pell City, Alabama to manufacture cleaning products as well as perform research and development for new products. By locating their facility in this town, U&L will receive substantial tax benefits in return of providing over 600 jobs. The local community members have started campaigns against the building of this facility fearing "a potential for serious environmental problems." Research should be conducted related to environmental problems from similar manufacturing plants for discussion and recommendations to the group in Pell CIty, Alabamba on Air Pollution: What are the accepted levels at Federal, State and how can U&L mitigate possible solutions.

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    The major issue involved here would be with the water. Because a bulk of the services that they offer involves laundering the clothes, the water use and what's being released back into the water where they're dumping, where the washers are releasing the water would be a good starting point. Chances are that they use heavy detergents because they would want the uniforms to be sparkling clean. When we look at their major competitor, who is Cintas, (they're the biggest company in the industry), we see that their main focus is also on water issues when dealing with environmental initiatives. They also have focused on the air pollution caused by their manufacturing plant and have taken steps to reduce the emissions that have been caused. We can look to them for examples of how we would handle this scenario.

    1. Water pollution, which also takes a toll on the environment, and can impact the air quality in the area due to the amount of pollution/toxins being released into a concentrated area.

    The ways to mitigate the risk: U&L can begin using detergents and cleaners that are environmentally friendly. Many companies have recently come out with a substantial amount of products, including cleaners, that are of industrial strength and green. U&L should also engage in water quality testing throughout the area, testing wastewater in ...

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