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Hypothesis Testing: Bio statistics

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CD4 % LYMPHOCYTES WBC (X1000/ul) HB (g/dl) PLATELETS (x1000/ul) MCV (f/l)

1. Analyze the test data (for the assays given above A, B, C, C, D, E) at the 1, 5, 9 month time points.

2. Determine if the results for each assay at the respective time points do not differ at the 95% significance level.

For Example given assay A (CD4%) there are 160 values for each time point (i.e. 160 for 3 mos, 160 for 5 mos, 160 for 9 mos).

We want to determine if the data sets for this assay at the 3 time points are "the same" (i.e. do not differ from each other) with a 95% significance.

Do this analysis for the remaining assays (B, C, D, and E) and summarize the results. (i.e. do the data sets for the respective assays at the time points differ significantly or can the time points be combined such that each assay has?
3 X 160 values for each assay.

Please use Minitab for the statistical tests if possible (excel is not acceptable)

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