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Discussing Environmental Issues

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Please discuss the following:

1. Environmental issues that have occurred in the last year
2. Major environmental health laws that have been introduced in past ten years
3. In the past year, which environmental health issue is the most grave one and why?
4. What is the role of various government agencies that are charged with enforcing and evaluating the impact of the law?

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Environmental Health
1. Environmental Issues that Have Occurred in Last One Year
2. Major Environmental Health Laws that Have Been Introduced in Past Ten Years
3. In the past one year, which environmental health issue is the most grave one and why?
4. What is the role of various government agencies that are charged with enforcing and evaluating the impact of the law?

The environmental issues that have occurred in the last one year are the consumption of resources and production of waste, which can result in the destruction of habitats, pollution, and shortages that may lead to conflict. The other environmental issues include introduction of non-native species to new areas, where they cause a variety of problems.
Global warming and climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas have led to seriouls damaged to the environment. These fuels are used to generate electricity, power industrial processes, and provide domestic heating to drive motorized vehicles and aircrafts engines. All these uses involve production of CO2.
Global warming is causing large scale melting of polar ice caps and glaciers in mountainous regions that lead to a rise in sea levels. The rise in sea levels will cause the destruction of low-land agricultural in coastal areas. Climate change can cause drought in areas and flooding in others, as patterns of air circulation change. Attempts to tackle problem by reducing fossil fuels and investing in energy solutions, such as winds and solar power can have resistance.
Other environmental issues are pollution coming from industry and other forms of transport and releasing waste products that are harmful to humans, animals, and plants. Examples of pollution are sulfur dioxide ( SO2) that are released by burning of coal and nitrogen oxides that are ...

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This solution discusses various issues surrounding the environment.

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