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Idea for politically active art

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Select a contemporary art form and a current issue or dilemma.

Prepare some notes, discussing the relationship you see in the current issue or dilemma. If your issue, for example, is a solution to the issue of battered women in contemporary society, you might want to create an architectural design for a shelter. Relating the concepts of creativity and artistic expression to your topic will facilitate your choice. Any of the generic artistic areas may be used for your paper, including music, dance, theater, visual arts, architecture, design, film, folk arts, ceramics, jewelry, fiber, photography, or sculpture.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines including citations and references.

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To approach solving this assignment, think about what issues there are out there that excite you - your passion will come through in what you write and design, regardless of media. Some contemporary issues that might lend themselves well to artistic expression could include: environmental issues, education, clean water for humanity, preserving endangered animal species, violence (although I prefer POSITIVE-oriented issues, rather than negative ones for artistic expression). These are only the first few I thought of that I personally have interest in - what about drug use, or abortion, or genocide - all of these could also provide some ...

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An idea for politically, socially or environmentally active, conscious artworks, with suggested examples and a Web-based reference URL.

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