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Research cites a contemporary artist from the Art 21 PBS website.

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This job offers research about a contemporary artist from the Art 21 PBS website to include the following:

- Brief artist biography
- Discussion of the artist's overall "theme" or interests.
- Describe and evaluate one of the artist's works: title, material, size, year completed, subject matter, content, style.
- Discussion of the meaning of the work: What is the artist trying to say?
- Discussion of how the work of art reveals contemporary (current) concerns or interests.
- An image of the artwork

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Please consider some of my notes:

As you include a brief artist biography, you might choose Maya Lin. She was born in 1959 in Athens, Ohio. She attended Yale University where she submitted the winning design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Her background is in art and architecture. She is most commonly known for her sculptures, parks, monuments, and big architectural projects.

As you offer a ...

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Notes and ideas about Maya Lin and her work are given as guidance in 253 words.

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