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Contemporary Art Analysis

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Choose a contemporary painting, sculpture, or piece of art that captures your interest. This should be a piece created between the end of World War II (about 1945) and today. You may choose one of the illustrations or color inserts in the textbook, opt for an artist featured on the PBS series "Art 21," or try a virtual museum. Aim for an evaluation that notes small details in a work, considers the purpose of various elements, and perhaps investigates the artist's life.

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Mark Bradford: Scorched Earth

Mark Bradford is an artist from Los Angeles, California. His life has a lot to do with his art style. Much of his art resembles the streets and busy lifestyle of Los Angeles and the art I chose to critique is no exception to this. The piece I will be discussing is called "Scorched Earth," an art piece in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art with a primarily red background. It was made in 2006 with an acrylic gel medium, carbon paper, acrylic paint, bleach, and additional mixed media measuring about 94-1/2 x 118 inches (Mark Bradfod Exibit). Bradford's creates abstract, contemporary art with a unique style.

In "Scorched Earth," his ...

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A contemporary art analysis is examined. The purpose of various elements is determined.