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Art genres

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Understanding that each of the following have been recognized as "art forms", this job searches the web and finds one website that is relevant to each of these: Dance, visual art, music, film, television, radio, folk art, and theater

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Websites related to multiple art genres are linked.

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Firstly, you must divide your assignment into parts; Introduction, main points and conclusion. For example; If your assigment is 1000 words, you would make your introduction and conclusion 100 words each and the main eight points 100 words each; 1000 words.
<br>Secondly, you must look at what is being asked. There are two parts; 'Using the definition' ~ 'explain the subject'. I would suggest that in your introduction you redefine the 'definition' that was found in the first part of the assignment and mention the recognised 'art forms'.
<br>Next, identify the subject of each web site. For example; the dance website may ...

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