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The theme of love expressed in various Artistic genres

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19th or 20th Century Music

Identify a specific common theme found in three different contemporary art forms. The common theme is love

Select from the following art forms: music, writing, visual arts.
The art form I choose is music

List the components of the theme and the areas of commonality.

o How is the theme expressed in each piece?
o What are the main differences or similarities?
o If there are subthemes, are they the same for each piece or do they tend to vary?
o What about the theme makes it compelling enough to be expressed in diverse media?

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The way that I read the instructions of your assignment, you were to choose one theme (love) and then illustrate that theme using examples from each of the three art forms: music, literature and visual arts. I got this idea from the last item in the subjects to be discussed, that the theme is powerful enough to be expressed in diverse media. I have included examples from the other two genres (visual arts and literature) as well as three examples from music, just in case I was wrong!

Love is a common theme upon which many contemporary artworks are based. There are works of music which are based on the theme of love, works of literature that are based on the theme of love and works of art (paintings and sculpture, among others) that are based upon this theme. Love is a powerful motivating force among human beings, and it is logical that this powerful force would inspire mankind's greatest artists, in a variety of expressionistic genres.

One work from the visual arts that represents this theme is the Renaissance masterpiece sculpture by Michelangelo, reference site: saintpetersbasilica.org/Altars/Pieta/Pieta.htm. A pieta is a ...

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Discussion of how the theme of love is discussed/portrayed in various artistic genres, with sub-themes, and references

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Choose a theme (love, coming of age, good vs. evil, etc.). Pick at least one work from the Bedford text. The other work can be from literature, art, film, comic books, radio, or TV - or another choice with instructor approval. Discuss the works, analyzing and comparing how they develop the theme you have chosen.

Your analysis should include:

1. an introduction that presents the theme you have chosen
2. the works you are analyzing and comparing,
3. a body including the analyses of the works, and
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How these works develop the theme?
How they change the theme?
How the genre impacts the development of the theme?

I have chosen Edgar Allan Poe's classic poem, "Annabel Lee,". So you will have to choose another source to talk about the same theme. So please in this task use Annabel Lee as one of the works.

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