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The popularity of documentaries

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In recent years, a number of documentaries have gained considerable attention, for instance those such as â??An Inconvenient Truth, Food, Inc., and Super Size Me. Name some characteristics that are likely to be found in documentary films. How do they contribute to the sense of realism and immediacy in the documentary? Can documentaries and their components be measured the same as other film genres, such as Westerns or comedies?

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As you name some characteristics that are likely to be found in documentary films, I feel like they tend to really capture a truth, nonfiction approach. I also feel like they exhibit a strong authorial or directorial point of view, authentic sense of setting, realistic characters, strong themes or morals, as well as a persuasive message. I also feel like they aim to accurately depict a culture in many cases as ...

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The popularity of documentaries is briefly hypothesized from a personal standpoint.

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Recently, with the introduction of directors such as Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock, the general purpose of documentaries has seemed to change. Is it immoral to have an agenda when filming a documentary? Should the agenda of the filmmaker be obvious when viewing a documentary, obscured, or nonexistent? Why? Historically, documentaries are seen as factual representations of life. Do you feel this is still the case? Is a documentary still a documentary if any aspects are staged? Do you think the presence of filmmakers have increased or decreased the popularity of documentaries? Why?

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