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    Impact of media on popular culture

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    Describe the impact of the mass media on enculturation. Provide at least one real world example of this impact

    examine the relationships among the media, advertising and the formation of normative cultural values.

    describe the impact of internet and globalization on popular culture and interpersonal communication.

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    The impact of mass media on the process of enculturation is massive in terms of learning what is acceptable and what is not. The problem with this type of saturation of culture is that it is often skewered in terms of popularity and what sells. We view media such as print as the disseminator of important information that the consumer needs to know. And with this comes the evidence of news stories that are usually bad news, the news that keeps people coming back. Details of violence, accidents, trials, mayhem, and criminal activity are more likely to make the news than good works. When good deeds make the news, it is more often than not, delegated to a less obvious page of a newspaper or magazine. Magazine covers have lists of inside stories, made more exciting than they usually are by the choice of font and words. TV has tended to stereotype people and ethnicities, though this is somewhat changing, and created perceptions of people that are hard to break. Additionally, we get ideas and perceptions of places and events that are again skewed to the viewpoint of the writers and producers. Purely factual information is often couched in either dramatic recreations or on channels that have fewer viewers than networks. ...

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    Discussion on the various ways mass media influences popular culture including changes it may make in culture.