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Influential African-American Woman: Oprah Winfrey

Select and describe an African American, such as Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Maya Angelou, Denzel Washington, or Halle Berry that has had a great effect on popular culture. Describe the effect he or she has had on African Americans and popular culture. Examine the treatment of this person in the media. Is the way the media treats him or her is representative of how all African Americans are treated? Why or why not?

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If I was to be asked, among all that is listed above, I would most choose Oprah Winfrey? Why? each of the mentioned African-Americans are already icons in their field and their fields touch TV, sports, literature, the movies and general entertainment. Maya Angelou's poetry is moving. Michael Jordan was a phenomenal basketball player with a worldwide impact in his prime. Denzel and Halle are thespians with fantastic resumes in the movies and the theatre. But we are talking about popular culture here and the one with the most reach in that sense is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah's show is a daily habit for millions and millions of Americans. But being syndicated it is not limited to America - it has a global following and a global appeal. Why?

Oprah started a new genre of ...

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The solution provides advise, insight and information in tackling the task set in the original problem (see above) which is about choosing and African-American figure and explaining his or her effect in popular culture. This solution explains why Oprah Winfrey is a good example of a powerful African-American figure and looks into the many ways she has changed/affected popular culture. It also lists a number of online resources so that students can explore the life and contributions of Ms. Winfrey further. An MSWord version of this solution is also attached.