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African-American Culture Future Trends

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Develop a presentation that theorizes about future trends for African American culture in the United States.
Focus on changes in social, political, and cultural trends that affect how people view African Americans.

Here is what I have to do thosugh I have to answer this question in 4 slides:

Identify any areas where you believe equality may be reverted.

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Slide 1: The Future of African American Culture

Text: Trends develop over time according to varied influences and situations that rise due to a combination of forces and elements. The African American community's future appears to be one of promise. The current President of the country is African American, achieving status, career triumph and international political renown in a manner once perceived impossible by African-American communities in 60's. The Civil rights movement has culturally and politically forced the bonds of inequality to be confronted by society in general and consciously by the Blacks themselves having lived a shared history of oppression. Now, equality and diversity is seen as the right and moral American way making things once impossible possible. Politically, economically, academically, socially, positive change can happen. No doubt, the issues the plague the community will still be there - criminal recidivism, poverty, gangs and criminality. But opportunities have been made available built over the work of pioneers in civil rights and equal right and reaped by this generation.

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The solution provides information and advise in putting together 4 suggested slides that can be used in a presentation to discuss future trends of African-American culture where social, political and cultural trends are given importance. references are listed. a word version is attached.

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