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    Theories of Intellignece for African Americans and Latin America

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    Define theories on intelligence or define intelligence for the culture of African Americans and cultures of Latin America.
    How cultures interpret intelligence differently.
    How intelligence is measured in various cultures.
    Compare similarities and differences of culture of African Americans and the cultures of Latin America.
    How do the two cultures test and measure various cognitive abilities as in linguistic, spatial, and interpersonal skills.

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    Theories of intelligence:

    Intelligence is one of the most important factors in life though standard definition has yet been reached by the numerous scholars who had developed theories explaining various forms of intelligence. While some scholars believe it is a single general ability in an individual others believe that it is wide varied and mainly encompasses the talents, skills and aptitudes that people have. There are a wide variety of theories of intelligence, these include the general intelligence theory where there is a factor that underlies all intelligence in individuals; multiple intelligence theory where different people are intelligent in specific things like dancing, singing and more; emotional intelligence where a person is able to perceive the emotions within his / her environment; primary mental abilities theories in which specific mental abilities such as reasoning, numerical ability, perceptual speed verbal comprehension and more are viewed as intelligence; and Triarchic Theory of Intelligence among others (Spark Notes, 2011; Gardner, 1993; Howard, 1995).

    Different cultures value specific cognitive abilities and behaviors where intelligence differs from one culture to another. Often the context within which cognition of the intelligence takes place is often of paramount importance. In African American culture, intelligence within this context is often defined by a personâ??s artistic abilities such as singing, dancing, charismatic church culture and rapping, or sports abilities and learning abilities. Similarly, Ebonics which is exclusively spoken among African Americans and learned informally is also intelligence within this culture. As African American children develop in their language skills and learning, they acquire specific special skills within this culture that encultures them into a way of life. In most instances, it has been noted that whites are more intelligent than blacks because the African American cultural intelligence has not been integrated into the formal schooling system, but rather the schooling ...

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