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    Latin America: Social Diversity and Colonization

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    Subject: Social Diversity

    What are some of the philosophies that influenced Latin America? In what way did they impact the cultures of Latin America?
    What contributions to society did folk and elite caudillos bring to Latin American society?
    What impact did the encroachment of Europeans have upon the New World?

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    In the terms of philosophies, natural law and humanism began or helped shape the philosophical influence of positivism, which plays the greatest role in Latin American. Natural law was an influence because of the original peoples, who set their moral codes and laws by what is right in nature. Some rights are inherent by human nature itself. The humanism was Casas who defended the right of the Native Americans and disagreed with the enslavement of them by the Europeans. The Catholic Church was a leading target, because they were the leaders of the time and the influence demanded rightful claim over the ...

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