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    Comparison of the Latin American Revolutions with North American Revolution

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    Using the following information, provide a comparison of the Latin American and North American revolutions.

    1. Spanish economy was despotic and corrupt. The church was oppressive and superstitious. On the other hand, England had a free, vibrant, elite and democratic population.

    2. The geographic and population conditions in South America were just opposite to North America

    3. The economic and social organization in Latin America was not conducive for advancement and change

    4. Latin American countries waged a series of independence struggles lasting for fifteen years or more. During this period, people lost the idea of liberty and democracy.

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    The Revolutions in Europe and North America had a profound impact on the Latin American countries. They praised the emergence of the United States as a nation and led many uprisings. Many new states were born from Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the Western Hemisphere. The revolutions in Latin America came into fruition when upper classes became powerful enough to challenge the imperial authorities. These revolutions were greatly obligated to the contemporary developments in Europe and America, guidance, slogans, manifestos and even the liberal ideals of the European Enlightenment. The Latin Americans dreamed of the same type of revolution in the United States, but they failed to reach the desired outcomes. ...

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