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The Revolutionary War and African American History

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How did the Revolutionary War affect enslaved African Americans? Did it create any openings for freedom or further negotiation with slaveowners? Were enslaved African Americans more likely to favor the American patriot forces or the British? Why?

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At the time of the Revolutionary War, there were Blacks on both side of the spectrum in terms of being either free or slave. At first glance, many might assume that Blacks would side with the British in the rebellion in order to possibly earn their freedom on a more progressive scale, yet history reveals to us that this was not the case. Free Blacks, in particular, joined the Patriot cause and were actively involve in the anti-British cause. In fact, it is believed that the very notion of freedom was the primary and mitigating reason that many Blacks joined the American forces in fighting to become free from the British. It is also widely known that many free slaves at the time actually enlisted in the Patriot Army according to their own free will, while many others were drafted and forced to choose a side and go fight.

The Revolutionary War impact the lives of African Americans throughout the colonies in numerous way. Blacks themselves understood this and had numerous reasons for joining the fight, no matter which side they ultimately gave their allegiance to. Some likely joined the fight as a way to escape, what for many of them, was a boring and mundane life. They wanted to fight in order to gain a sense of adventure, and also with a longing that a new nation would bring them new opportunities. Some truly believed in the aims and ...

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