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The Fourth Turning

What is your insight about the Fourth Turning and the American Civil War? Fourth Turning Book is written and published in 1997 by William Strauss and Neil Howe.

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The Fourth Turning is a semi-apocalyptic prophesy, stating that the United States will enter into a state of war-like crisis just after the turn of the new millennium, comparable to past wars we have seen on our soil (Revolutionary war, Civil war, etc). The ideology of the book is based on 80-100 year cycles that have occurred in history. Contemporary America is viewed as midway through the third of four stages found in each cycle. The Fourth Turning itself is the final stage of the cycle.

The stages are:

1. A High- renaissance comes to the community during this time, happens just after the Crisis. People want to move on and feel satisfied with their achievements. See chapter 4.
2. An Awakening- challenges the complacency of the High stage and examines the outer versus inner worlds. New spiritual, social and political ideas, utopian experiments. See chapter 4.
3. An Unraveling- embrace of the new ideas of the Awakening, seems to cast an almost ...

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The Fourth Turning is examined in the Civil War context.