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Experiences with Struggling Team Factors

Can you help me answer the following questions:

- Discuss an experience you have had with a team that struggled and never really got to the point of functioning smoothly. Explain the factors that might have contributed.
- Discuss an experience you have had with a team that came together and was highly effective. Explain the factors that contributed.
- Compare your situations and how they relate or differ.

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The last company I worked for, a wonderful group of people, had a very dysfunctional management team, of which I was a part. The team meetings would be overwhelmed with subjects other than those we needed to discuss. There was a lot of storytelling, which while helpful for learning about the people we work with, also took up time that was better spent on meeting productive goals to make the company stronger. There were other issues as well. Two of the team members were procrastinators, known for needing to extend deadlines and turning things in within minutes of the deadline. Another member liked to make lists and control the ...

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The experiences with struggling team factors are examined. The expert compares situations and determines how they relate to each other.