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    The Need for Problem Solving Teams

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    Could you assist me with this assignment. I am having trouble in this particular course.

    After reading the article "The Need for Problem-Solving Teams", please respond to the following scenario:
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    Scenario: Johnny is a third grader who is struggling with reading and behavior. You are his teacher and are frustrated by how he acts in class and disrupts other students. You have asked other third grade teachers and they have offered you several suggestions that have had little impact on Johnny's behavior.

    What would be your next steps to facilitate more effective collaboration between team members? Analyze the need for multi-disciplinary teams to address the needs of students who are struggling either academically or behaviorally. What results would you expect for Johnny from the suggestions offered by the multi-disciplinary team?

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    What results would you expect for Johnny from the suggestions offered by the multi-disciplinary team? (can be like 350 word to 600 words).

    The next step in the process would be to collaborate with other professionals in related services, immediately address Johnny's behavior, and then provide an intervention plan for his reading academics. Formal determination of eligibility for special education must be made by a team of individuals. This team is referred to as a multidisciplinary team because it consists of members from various professions including teachers, psychologists, physicians, reading specialist and others. This team of persons representing a variety of disciplines verifies that a student has a disability or verifies that the student does not have a disability.

    However, prior to being referred for a multidisciplinary evaluation, the student assistance team must collaborate to address the student's and/or the teacher's problem. General education personnel, including teachers, counselors and/or administrators generally are members of the student assistance team. The purpose of the team is ...

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