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    Pros and Cons of the 9-step problem-solving model

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    What are the pros and cons of using the 9-step problem solving model in everyday life and in business situations? What is the value of using a problem-based approach to learning in an MBA program?

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    The 9-step problem-solving model is an important method to study in the business world because they create standards in which to solve problems. Problem-based learning "presents learners with a realistic scenario from which they must distill a problem that merits solving, apply a problem-solving approach to develop and analyze alternative solutions, and recommend and defend an optimal solution" (What is Problem-Based Learning, U. of Phoenix eResource, 2006). Problems may be as minuscule as when to go to a movie or as complex and complicated as a merger between two oil companies. ...

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    This answer discusses the advantages, disadvantages and challenges of the 9-step problem-solving model in 384 words.