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    Decision making in health care managers

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    There is a tendency among managers to quickly resolve problems even though they may not fully understand or appreciate the many causal factors contributing to the problem. As a result, these managers function like firefighters, putting quick fixes to problems in hopes that they will be resolved. In reality, some problems are resolved whereas, in many cases, the perceived solution is short lived and non-effective. On the other hand, there are managers who suffer from a phenomenon known as "analysis paralysis". They become so obsessed with identifying and analyzing "all" of the casual factors associated with a problem that the manager may never get around to implementing a solution.

    In 250 words, what do you believe are the pros and cons associated with each of these phenomena? What would be the optimal approach a manager might want to pursue when faced with a problem in need of a timely solution?

    In preparing your response, ensure that you properly in-text cite all sources used in the support of your stated positions and the example or examples you chose to utilize.

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    The managers who quickly resolve problems even though they do not understand the causal effect of the problem have pros and cons with this personality. The pros of managers making a quick decision without pondering too long is that the decision is made and he does not have to ponder any longer. There will be less stress on himself because he does not have to be overwhelmed with thinking too much. The advantage to making a quick decision is that the manager does not have to over complicates the decision when it's supposed to be quite simple. The manager does not feel fear of making the wrong decision. The ...

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    Health care managers have many decisions they have to make on their jobs. There are two kinds of health care managers based on their decision ability. The first kind love to make quick decisions without thinking about it. The other kinds tend to think too much about a decision and never make it. The latter suffered from analysis paralysis, the tendency to overly think about a decision. There are pros and cons with both of these kind of decision makers. This solution provides a detailed discussion.