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    Todays health care system compared to Health care reform

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    These topics are interrelated so part of your task is to integrate them in a logical and understandable way.

    1. Health care organizations strategize. Which orientation to strategy â?" (1) working on the internal capabilities and performance versus (2) expanding market shares through acquisition and merger versus (3) repositioning products and services â?" will be the best answer to health care organizations in the twenty-first century? What is the implication of your answer on health care managers/leaders?

    2. What are the implications for health care management based on the changes facing health care delivery and management in the twenty-first century? Some changes (you may have more to add to these) include cost containment, changing social norms, changing demographic composition/location, technology development, social experimentation, changing roles of physicians and nurses, organizational culture, and the incorporation of women and minorities into health care management positions.

    3. What management competencies or skills will be needed to succeed with future leaders in health care management?

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    I have put together some responses in 1,2,3. These questions are really asking you to compare today's health care system to what will happen because of health care reform, you need to understand a little of the reform and how health care organizations work today. If you are writing a paper to include all these areas then I would suggest you discuss health care reform then lead into health care strategy and management as 2 and 3 are all about management. I found some good sites to read and will include them, the last one has much more information that may be helpful to you.

    1) Health care reform will challenge health care organizations to become accountable care organizations. This means they will become accountable for the patients care from start to finish, for example a patient with a fractured hip has surgery, the patient still can not ambulate effectively, they go to a rehab facility to help with this. In the present system those are two separate things. In tomorrow's system that will be one from start to the end of rehab. We are all unclear of how or who will be paid what for that. It becomes apparent that organizations will need ...

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