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Models of Health Care Organizations

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What triggered the various models of health care organizations to come and go?

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1. What triggered the various models of health care organizations to come and go?

The evolution of health care organizations is complex. Things that trigger various models of health care organizations are things such as financial and regulatory stress, evolving consumer movement, government changes which influences health policy and funding, health care unions, societal health needs changed over time, and organizations change as customer demands change.

Example 1: Government changes and health care union influences lead to different types of health care models (excerpt)

A change of provincial government in 1991 brought radical changes to health care. Traditional acute-care services were transferred to community clinics. This restructuring meant the loss of thousands of jobs in the acute-care sector as government moved health care services to the community and reduced the number of available hospital beds. The health care unions urged an orderly transition to community-based care. The government responded, and negotiations among the unions, the employers and the government began in early 1993. In July, an Employment Security Agreement was ratified by members of HSA, BCNU and HEU. For three years health care workers enjoyed what might be termed 'relative stability within the throes of major change.' The Health Labour Accord - the full name for the process which guaranteed virtually no layoffs, job retraining, job sharing and fully paid re-education, with the operations handled by local committees which included union representatives - gave labour a voice in the changes which affect its destiny. http://www.ce.com/education/Health-Care-Organizations-10087315.htm

Example 2: Government changes the health policy lead to different types of health care models (excerpt)
Healthcare reform is a general rubric used for discussing major policy changes--for the most part, governmental policy changes--to any existing healthcare system in a given place. Healthcare reform typically attempts to:

? Broaden the population covered by private or public health insurance
? Broaden the choice of ...

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