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    Public Health Care Laws, Reform & Costs

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    In terms of cost, is Public Health Law in need of reform?

    As part of my assignment I was asked not to use the Affordable Care Act as a position. Can you help with finding another position with this topic? Thanks in advance.

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    Ok, sorry about that. Here is what I am thinking:

    Public health laws in the United States are in need of reform in terms of cost. Health care programs represent 22% of the federal budget (Zuckerman, 2013) and are increasing annually. Medical practitioners are faced with higher costs, in part due to higher malpractice insurance. Malpractice insurance rates are up because our legal system has made it profitable to sue practitioners (Jena, Seabury, & Chandra, 2011). Hospital costs are up, but not all parties pay the same amount. This seems like an enormous public health issue. Currently legislation allows different prices based on a ...

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    This solution addresses the high costs of public healthcare as a result of our public health care laws. Includes APA formatted references.