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    Women's health, the aging population, and healthcare

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    Please help me understand how the different demographic population affect women and the aging population in healthcare, especially in our current economic downfall and with the current healthcare reform. Thank You !

    - Describe the general effect that changing demographics may have on the health care market.
    - Why and how will changes in the demographics of this population affect health care?
    - Identify two key health care-related challenges to this population, such as increases in health care costs, increases in prescription drug costs, or the need for in-home medical care.
    - Describe how a chronic disease wellness program may affect the costs for this demographic.
    - What do the demographics tell you about the marketing needs or services needed for this population?
    - How can the individual patient, the community, and society as a whole address these challenges?

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    -----Describe the general effect that changing demographics may have on the health care market.

    Anytime demographics within a health care market change there will be a sort of realignment with strategy, both operationally and financially. For example, if the population you serve changes from 60% male to 60% female, then you have to consider focusing your strategies to women's health such as Obstetrics and pre-natal care. This in turn can impact you financially if you have to take resources away from other services. It really depends on the demand the population you serve presents.

    Currently we are experiencing a change with our ageing population. The baby boomers are entering a stage in their life where more care will be needed. A lot of health care organization are focusing on geriatric care currently. They see the population of older patient growing and are therefore preparing for the services they will need to provide

    -----Why and how will changes in the demographics of this population affect health care?

    Changes in the women's population will demand more services for women's health and pre and post natal care. A lot of this will be preventive care such as health screenings and regular OBGyn checkups. This will be driven by the change in population of course. If women's health services need to expand in an organization, then that organization will need to evaluate itself both financially and operationally. Answering questions such as the following will guide the organization in their decision ...

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    This solution describes the womens and aging poipulation demographics and how changes in these two populations affect healthcare. It also discusses how changes impact the type of care provided and how organizations are impacted, and also health care challenges to these two populations. Finally it addresses how these populations, individuals, and the community can address these challenges in todays healthcare environment.