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    Healthcare trends related to an aging population

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    Health care administrators must proactively plan for changes that alter the health care environment. Trends that affect health care delivery are varied and arise from many different sources, such as the emergence of new technologies, changing patient and workforce demographics, economic fluctuations, and policy developments.

    _ Aging population

    Analyze trends related to "Aging population," including insights you have gained from the literature

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    The emergence of new technologies is a trend that is highly related to the aging population, largely due to the fact that many of the technological advances within the medical community are geared towards finding the means by which to make life more comfortable for aging individuals, as well as the rest of society. This is due to the fact that although there is continuous research within the medical community that seeks to find cures for diseases such as cancer, for example, and leads to technological advances that provide benefits for many other areas of medical treatment by healthcare providers. This specifically affects the aging population in a favorable way, due to the fact that these technological advances make it possible to treat a number of the chronic diseases that affect the aging population in a much more proactive and effective manner, which greatly improves the quality of life of the aging population. The emergence of new technologies also makes it possible to ...

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