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Factors Affecting Health Care Delivery

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I am studying concepts that drive healthcare cost and delivery. Need some assistance on how the following may affect healthcare:
a. Health insurance in general
b. Advances in medical care
c. Aging demographics in U.S.
d. Changes in patient/provider relationships
e. Government support for healthcare
f. Consumer expectations

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The solution involves a discussion on how factors like health insurance, advances in medical care, aging demographics in U.S., changes in patient/provider relationships, government support for healthcare, and consumer expectations affect healthcare delivery.

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Hope the following helps you understand the effect of the following topics in healthcare cost. Let me know if you have any doubts.
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a. Health insurance in general

Health insurance company view of health care cost is directly tied to operational cost. The companies not only have to pay for services but also have to generate a profit for their stockholders. Health insurance premiums have grown a "cumulative of 78 percent between 2001 and 2007 and far outpacing cumulative wage growth of 19 percent over the same period" (Kayser Family Foundation (KFF), 2008, ¶1). The high premium have a direct impact on employer health costs for health insurance, causing many employers to drop coverage (KFF, 2008), look for cheaper options or transfer costs to employee.

Managed care type insurances establish cap to payments for health care services. Receiving less payment for services drives health care providers to raise prices for services not covered and/or transfer costs to individuals covered by a fee for service insurance. It may seem that providers request fees that do not reflect the service. This may be the direct result of the provider's point of view regarding health care cost which is based on how much it cost to provide the services (Shi & Singh, 2001).

b. Advances in medical care

Advances in medical care are the direct result of new medical technology. The term 'medical technology' applies to procedures, equipment and ...

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