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Stark Laws and Healthcare Medical Malpractice

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Discuss any connection between the evolution of health care as a business and the Stark Laws.

Discuss your views on the impact that medical malpractice lawsuits have on the delivery of healthcare in the United States.

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Discuss any connection between the evolution of health care as a business and the Stark Laws

At the core of healthcare are physicians who are the life-blood of the healthcare industry, which is why the evolution of healthcare as a business has been necessary with Federal Stark Law. The Stark Law is the most important law affecting physicians employed by health care systems in America and physician compensation is one of the most pressing issues affecting health care systems. Therefore, these systems have had to evolve into professional business models to adhere to the Stark laws because guidelines under the Federal Stark Law are always present when payment pursuant to the employment agreement between physicians and health care systems is structured (Health Law, 2012). ...

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