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Medical malpractice as it relates to res ipsa loquitor

Using a search engine, find an article on medical malpractice as it relates to res ipsa loquitur. Summarize the article.

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Medical malpractice lawsuits are usually based on claims of physician and/or hospital negligence. In order to establish negligence the plantiff must prove that the practioner's actions fell below the accepted standard of care. This often requires the enlisting of people in the same field of medicine to provide expert testimony proving negligence.

The literal meaning of res ipsa loquitur is "the thing speaks for itself." It refers to situations when it is assumed that a person's injury was caused by the actions of another party because the accident or injury would not have occurred unless someone was negligent. Res ipsa loquitor has been used as circumstantial evidence in malparctice lawsuits to imply negligence. Regarding medical malpractice if the following elements are established it is more likely that the plantiff would be able to prove liability under res ipsa loquitur:
The evidence ...

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A healthcare law article about medical malpractice as it relates to res ipsa loquitor is summarized in this solution.