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    discuss psychological, social, cultural, and political factors

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    You are Doc Vinny. You have agreed with Dr. Montenegro that new ideas and a new leader are needed to meet the challenges of the evolving healthcare marketplace. You have played a key role in helping Dr. Montenegro bring the organizations to this point in their development. You have decided that the organizations collectively are ill equipped to meet the demands of a constantly changing technology based world. Therefore, you agree to replace Dr. Montenegro and promote the values of the technology age. You feel that you understand the emerging marketplace. You now need to validate your assessments and decision to your peers and colleagues.

    From Doc Vinny's perspective, provide insight into Dr. Montenegro's plans and subsequent creation of the three organizations, within the context of the healthcare marketplace prior to the rising importance of a technology-driven environment. Describe how the organizations changed, developed, and grew in response to the needs of the population served.

    Objective: Discuss the interrelationships between psychological, social, cultural, and political factors as they impact health care management.

    Identify the effects of changes in organizational structure on health care planning and service delivery.

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    //Advancements in technology has been of great advantage in the health care practices. In this paper, through assuming the role of Dr. Vinny, we will describe the supportive argument for the new proposed change of Dr. Montenegro. In order to present a paper like this, first, we will present the interrelationships between the various factors affecting the subsequent change in the health care organization. We will present a succinct view of the requirement of the technological changes. //

    The new technological advancement in the health care industry inspires changes in the organizational structure and influences the entire health care system by improving the service and the delivery system. The proposed plan of forming three organizations is quite significant, in order to meet ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 489 words with references.