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    Human Resource Management

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    As Doc Vinny, discuss the relationships formed in the healthcare marketplace both internally among senior leadership roles as well as the relationships formed among various organizations. Include in your discussion how politics and psychosocial factors influenced Dr. Montenegro's decisions to create the various organizations given the society and culture in which they were developed.

    Objective: Discuss the interrelationships between psychological, social, cultural, and political factors as they impact health care management.

    Identify the effects of changes in organizational structure on health care planning and service delivery.

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    // Doc Vinny holds an eminent position and throw light upon the issue of the relationship existing in healthcare marketplace internally among various organizations. This discussion will influence the decision of Dr. Montenegro to help him to create the different organizations enclosing the society and the culture in which they persist. Before starting a paper like this we will discuss various internal and external relationships within the organization. //

    The new role of ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 341 words with references.