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social inequalities

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Using critical thinking, discuss social stratification in terms of social class, status, and power. Can you determine someone's social class, status, and power merely by their appearance? What factors may be misleading?

Do you believe class, status, and power is a social inequality in our society? Why or why not?

How are social inequalities formed or developed? Consider what factors may influence and alleviate social inequality.

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I personally think that although you can certainly make some preconceived notions or generalizations about one's social class, status, and power merely by outward appearance, this type of exterior judgment is not always accurate. Many people who dress lavishly in all labels and designer outfits may not have a high socioeconomic status at all. He or she may merely charge clothes to a credit card and be in high debt as a result of those transactions. Thus, factors caused by external, superficial, and material cues may be misleading. Do you agree?

Thus, I also strongly believe that class, status, and power issues are definite social inequalities in our society. Since I was raised in a poor, working class family, I have had to overcome many obstacles created by this imbalance of social power and myriad of ...

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