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    racism and inequality

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    I need assistance with the review of 3 articles related to racism and inequality.

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    Article: PHILLIPS, C. (2011). Institutional racism and ethnic inequalities: An expanded multilevel framework. Journal of Social Policy,40, 173-192. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0047279410000565

    Author purpose: The author wishes to examine institutional racism as a reason for equality and inequality within societies. The author further wants to define the term and its use, looking for the ambiguities and contradictions of the concept. The author establishes a multilevel framework to consider ethnic inequalities in the subject specific educational attainment.
    Important points: Institutional racism has been identified and rejected as a reason for relations between law enforcement and minorities and during political discussions on policy and policing. Despite this, the author sees persistent ethnic inequalities that are the key to institutional racism. These concepts of institutional racism within a framework that acknowledges the role of welfare and society at all levels to identify the actions and affects are important for any analysis.
    People are judged for housing, education, and other ...

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    The articles which are related to racism and inequality are determined.