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    Sociological Theories and Concepts

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    I have 3 questions which I am having difficulty in answering. They are;

    1) The belief in equal rights couple with the belief that certain racial and ethnic groups have achieved an unfair advantage over whites:

    a) Prejudice
    b) Descimination
    c) Symbolic racism
    d) Insitutional racism

    2) Which theoretical perspective argues that racial and ethnic inequality is a process of exploitation and dominance?

    a) Functionalist
    b) Conflict
    c) Distributive choice
    d) Symbolic interaction

    My guess is the answer is (b) conflict.

    3) Practices that infantilize women:

    a) Keep women from having children.
    b) Imply that women should not be taken as seriously as men.
    c) Keep women in the home.
    d) Keep women from inheriting property.

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