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    Carnival and the socio-economic conditions of Brazil

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    How does Carnival serve to blur the boundaries of socio-economic conditions of Brazilian society temporarily? Explain what is meant by scholars who state that Carnival is a "release of social tensions....which maintain the inequalities and social hierarchies for the rest of the year?" Answer these questions using the Eakin and Child of the Dark readings. Answer objectively, using external facts to support your conclusions. Do NOT write in first person using personal anecdotes and subjectivity. 450-500 words.

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    The Carnival serves to blur the boundaries of socio-economic conditions of Brazilian society temporarily because the carnival uses dancing and music to bring together people from different socio-economic strata. One example is that Bandas and blocos are an important part of the carnival. Anyone can join in. The specifically, it means people from higher strata of society can join in and the people from the lowest strata of society can also join in. Social hierarchies that exist during the year are temporarily suspended. In addition, people from different economic classes also participate in huge numbers. During the carnival temporarily, all people feel equal and this leads to the release of social tensions. ...

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