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Political and Socioeconomic Risk Analysis

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Considering whether a manufacturing organization in the U.S. should expand to India or Brazil:

a. Conduct a political risk analysis for both India and Brazil in paragraph form. (250 words or more)

b. Conduct a socio-economic risk analysis for both India and Brazil in paragraph form. (250 words or more)

Please cite and list references.

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I hope you are doing well. Please find my response below. I have done my best to answer your question to the best of my ability. I am not citing any sources, because most of what I have written comes from my own research and studies. Being an Indian, I know a lot about that country. I have also travelled to Brazil for business purposes. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know.

Political Risk Analysis: Both India and Brazil are prone to a possibility of turmoil and riots in the country. India had a major turmoil in the 1980's after the then Prime Minister - Indira Gandhi was assassinated. Brazil had a similar history of riots and turmoil. The company will also be totally dependent on the local government to implement laws and ...

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The solution conducts a political and socio-economic risk analysis of India and Brazil in 517 words.