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Concepts of Organizational Development

I need 4 paragraphs written for this topic. Please also include references used.

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You and your partner agree that you need to focus on organizational structure and organizational culture in order to explain how the following external environmental forces are difficult for USA Today to manage:

Discuss how these three forces impact USA Today's structure and culture.

-Competitive forces
Consider the industry and consider employees' ability to adapt to their position.
-Economic and political forces
Consider industry trends and economic changes.
-Global forces
Consider economic changes, diversity and global ethics.


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First, the concept of organization development emphasizes that the socioeconomic system that a business entity operates in would always be "in a state of turmoil" (Darling & Heller, 2009, p. 9) unlike the changes we have seen before and the "major importance for the meaningful development of organizations" (Darling & Heller, 2009, p. 9). Therefore, in order to generate the organizational development necessary to survive in a dynamic socioeconomic system, commitment to organization excellence through focus on leadership strategies can't be overemphasized.

Second, though businesses experiences dramatic changes in their respective environment, none is more dramatic than that ...

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