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    Effective Implementation of Organizational Development Strategies

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    Need help answering two questions.

    1. What strategies might be used in gaining for an OD program?
    2. What contingencies need to be taken into consideration to design effective interventions?

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    An organizational development strategy is a deliberately planned strategy within an organization designed to increase an organization's effectiveness. Organizational theorists describe OD as promoting the organization's readiness to deal with change. This change can include an organization's learning and development strategy in response to disruptive technologies, fluctuating opportunities, and managing with chaos. Organizational development involves people as well as the development of systems, processes, and structure. OD is not meant to serve as a training mechanism for the organization, it is designed to develop the organization.

    In response to your assignment, you've been asked to 1.) Decide what strategies might be used in gaining an OD program 2.) Develop contingencies that need to be taken into consideration to design effective interventions. I'll provide guidance to these questions that should help you complete this assignment.

    Let's take a look at some strategies that might be used in gaining an organizational development program. Organizational development has its roots from humanistic values. In a nutshell, this is a concept that puts humans in a position to succeed. In relation to organizational development, that involves creating ...

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    This solution describes organizational development and it's relationship with humanistic values in helping organizations identify and solve their own problems.