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External agency assistance in developing effective marketing

View several of those representing consultants and agencies offering products and services to support marketing implementation. Enter the phrase 'marketing implementation' into your search engine and pick 3 websites that answer the following question:

What role, if any, can external agencies play in developing effective marketing strategy implementation initiatives?

Which sound likely to be effective?

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External agencies can play a vital role in developing marketing strategy implementation. The
Wellesley Hills Group approaches this task from a perspective of aligning various marketing activities,
Such as brand strategy and communications. The agency uses a proprietary model, known as Brand
Ramp, to coordinate all marketing activities and develop a more unified message in the marketing
strategy. Marketing activities such as brand building, copyrighting, marketing materials development,
lead generation and graphic design are some of the activities in the marketing implementation strategy
that must convey the same message and consider the target segments the organization is trying to

Copernicus Marketing Consulting uses a three-fold or three-tiered approach for marketing
implementation. Organizational ...

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External agency assistance in developing effective marketing implementations are examined.