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Economic Factors in Marketing Plans and Contingency Plans

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Please show me how do to the following:

For a homecare agency:
1. What are the macro-environmental factors (how economic, sociological, technological, legal, and political factors may affect the marketing plan)?
2. What are the micro-environmental factors (how customers, competitors, distribution channels, and suppliers may affect the marketing plan)?
3. To monitor and control:
- What would be the best way to Implementation for the agency?
- Describe a possible contingency plan they could have.

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The following looks at the macro and micro environmental factors that affect a marketing plan.

Macro-enviornmental factors:

Macro environmental factors are normally concerned with areas that are external to the organization. Within the context of homecare agency:

1. Demographics: Who is the customer?

2. Economic: Has the external environment changed? For instance, is there a recession?

3. Technological: Are there any new technologies that are making our services obsolete?

4. Political: Are there any government policies that are impacting our operations?

Micro-enviornmental factors:

Micro environmental factors are normally concerned with areas that are immediate to the organization. Let's look at this within the context of a homecare agency. For a homecare agency, micro-enviornmental factors would include:

1. The company itself and how it operates: Are there are shortcomings or issues that are internal? ...

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The economic factors in marketing plans and contingency plans are determined. The macro-environmental factions are provided.