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    Management Planning and Ethics

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    1. What are some factors that influence strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning in an organization?

    2. What is management's function in strategic planning?

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    1. The process of strategic, tactical and operational planning are ongoing processes that a company goes through to plan how their business is going to operate and function in the competitive market. There are all kinds of factors that influence these planning processes. Most of them are just basic things you think about when you think about creating a plan for a business. Things like: market and changes in the market, time of year (since many companies are season this can be a major factor in the planning process), cost of supplies, legal issues (to include laws that affect the companies basic business processes), competition, employee related issues (insurance, training, turnover rates, pay scales etc), and product lines and changes to that product line.

    Here I wanted to provide some extra information on contingency plans as they are a little different from the other plans in that the other plans are how the company plans to run the business on a day to day basis.

    Contingency Plans - What they are:

    "A contingency plan is a well thought out, alternate or radical course of action that avoids disruptions in normal business operations due to any type of operational error. Contingency planning is a non-linear process that cannot be performed by a single task force or business unit.

    The planning process must rather be approached as a centrally ...

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