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International Market Research

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Your presentation was very well received. Yet, having no previous work experience with moving into international markets, you think it might be best to contract with an external service to research international markets.

In the discussion board, meet with your marketing team and discuss the following challenges ahead of you. Consider and discuss the following:

- What are the key considerations in choosing such a partner?
- What would you expect of them?
- How would you go about finding such a partner and what would your selection criteria be?
- Is the marketing research process you have learned applicable in part or whole to this effort?
- Is it more cost effective to do the research yourself?

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//Before moving towards the selection of partners in the international market, firstly we have to understand about the environment of market at the international level. This will give us an understanding about the various key considerations and importance of key partners in the international environment. //

There are so many uncertainties which prevail in the international market. The business organization learns to overcome these problems with experience. Without doing business in the international market, no business organization can handle its business process smoothly. These business organizations can research the international market with the help of an external business service agency.

The business organizations need to consider various key factors for selecting a partner in the international market. In the selection of a partner, the two important considerations are strategic fit and organizational fit. According to the strategic fit, the partner must help the firm in achieving its strategic objectives. The partner must have complementary skills for the achievement of the strategic ...

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The country I selected is Japan, I will attach paper.need some ideas to prepare the paper, some reliable resources..Please help

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