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    Marketing Research

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    Hank has doubts that funds will be available to contract with an external research organization. He asks if you would be able to perform adequate marketing research by yourself using information on the Internet.

    Select a region of the world (not North America) where you feel a market for high-end coffee brewing equipment exists. Beginning with your knowledge of domestic data sources, research your selected region using the Library and the Internet. Summarize your search strategy and research results. Were you able to find useful sources of data on the buying behavior for your product in that region? Did you generate enough data to support a strategic initiative into that region? What is your recommendation to Hank on how to research the international market?

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    //The following paper is a 'Marketing Research' paper, which discusses about the market for the high end coffee equipment. Firstly, a region for such a market has been selected. China has been selected for this purpose. This paper suggests ideas to Hank on the research of the concerned market. First, we start with a brief description about China and the potential for the high-end coffee equipments in the Chinese market. We have given this information under heading marketing research as mentioned below. //

    Marketing Research

    China can be selected for the marketing of high-end coffee equipments. The Chinese region is appropriate for the development of the business. With the advent of globalization and privatization in the Chinese markets, MNC's can enter into the Chinese region for the expansion of their business. Due to an increase in the number of MNC's in the market, the demand for coffee has increased and the Chinese people are adopting coffee culture. This has assisted many companies to flourish in the Chinese region. For example, Nestle established its factory in China and encouraged the cultivation of coffee in the country (Patton, 2007, November 25).

    Coffee is among the growing market products in China. With the expansion of business of coffee in China, the requirement for high end coffee equipments will also increase. The people are developing new methods for brewing coffee and utilizing new equipments for brewing. This refers to the high demand for coffee brewing equipments in China for commercial as well as household purposes. The customers demand for pure, attractive and simpler ways of coffee brewing. This implies that there is a great opportunity to tap the growing market of coffee brewing ...

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