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    What is marketing research and how has the Internet affected marketing research?

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    What is marketing research? How has the Internet affected marketing research? As a part of your answer, address time, cost, approaches, and validity. Why is marketing research important to developing marketing strategy?

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    Marketing Research

    Marketing research "is the function that links the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through information (Koch, 2011)." It is the way that organizations collect data about products, customers, and competition. When the information is obtained, it is utilized to determine what the problems and what the opportunities are. It can be utilized to create, refine, and analyze marketing actions. It becomes a tool to manage and execute the processes from data collected and communicate the results and what they mean.

    How the Internet Has Affected Marketing Research

    The Internet has made marketing research easier to perform (Sherwood, 2011). There is the ability to reach all around the world for information and to ...

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